Public and Church Schools receive a free access to Noplag

A charity initiative for educational establishments is presented by Noplag – all students and staff of public and church schools or colleges have received a completely free access to online plagiarism checker. Noplag challenges all the stereotypes about free plagiarism checkers lack of speed and accuracy, as it is highly competitive with the best-renowned plagiarism detection software. It offers an efficient three-fold check for plagiarism conducted against web pages, publications stored in repositories (both public and private) and Noplag’s own database of academic papers. Get your account and check all students’ works for similarities to receive a detailed report on each document with the list of sources and plagiarism percentage.

Church Schools and Colleges

Have you noticed your students to avoid citation marking?
Do you want to teach them not to cheat but work independently?

Today it is not necessary to waste your time on checking all the papers separately with the help of an accurate and fast Noplag plagiarism checker to give a deserved grade for a copied paper. Provide each student with an attached plagiarism checker report on their works and it will teach them to appreciate your time and efforts. As a result, you will work more productively reading only original papers and praising your learners for their accomplishments. Don’t lose a chance to get free Noplag accounts for each of your students to improve their academic achievements. It is enough to provide your contact information and we will make you an offer that can’t be refused.

Public Schools

Looking for ways how to avoid your students’ cheating?
No desire to grade identical works?
Want to have a reliable but simple to use plagiarism checker?

Noplag is the only right solution – a fast and accurate plagiarism detection software designed for school use. Being a real breakthrough it is also an absolutely free tool for public schools and colleges. Noplag has offered a donation program in accordance with which students get free accounts to make their education even more productive. You may start using Noplag checker today already if you fill in the order form below. We will contact you as soon as possible to allow you and your students to make the most of using high-quality, plagiarism checker.

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Noplag is one of a few companies that realizes its social responsibility and works in accordance with its principles. It is our prerogative to take care of different academic communities including their and students’ welfare. Our company has prepared its personal framework to take responsibility for some representatives of our society and announced Noplag charity for Church and Public schools program.

Noplag offers a worthy donation – a free plagiarism checker suitable for higher educational establishments as well as educational institutions sponsored by churches. By these actions, Noplag makes its own investment into an effectiveness of the free of charge educational process of young people.

With the constant development of education process plagiarism software has proved its indispensability at all academic establishments. Plagiarism used to be and still is the most widely spread way of cheating in academic writing assignments. Some students even are not aware of what plagiarism is and how it can be avoided. Rules on citations and references and their marking always become a serious obstacle on the way to efficient papers and that makes unintentional plagiarism cases even more often. As a result, quality plagiarism detection software is a necessity for teachers, who have to struggle with plagiarism, and students, who wish to avoid or correct it.

One more reason that contributes to the development of plagiarism is a lack of time for studying. Being always overwhelmed with a variety of assignments it is incredibly difficult to resist temptation and not to copy-paste a passage from the Web or book. Sometimes, because of the abundance of data, it is impossible to realize that an offered by you quotation can be a product of someone else. That is why a Noplag college plagiarism checker will do justice and detect what texts are original and what examples require revision. Even the most serious cases of disguised intentional plagiarizing are easily detected by Noplag plagiarism checker for teachers, so the uniqueness of school and college texts today is guaranteed by our modern software.

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